Tips while hiring a custom home builder 

1. Shop around and get referrals 

When you are ready to start looking for a custom home builder, it’s important to do your research and shop around. Ask family and friends for referrals, and look for online reviews. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential custom builders, take the time to schedule interviews with each one of them.

 2. Discuss your budget 

During your interview, be sure to discuss your budget with the builder. They should be able to work with you to create a custom home that fits your budget. 

3. Ask about the building process 

Another important thing to discuss with your builder is the building process. They should be able to give you a timeline of when they expect to start and finish the project. They should also be able to answer any questions you have about the process. 

4. Get everything in writing 

Before you hire a custom home builder, be sure to get everything in writing. This includes the builder’s estimate, the contract, and any other important documents. This will help protect you in case there are any problems with the project.

Importance of Timeless Custom Home Designs

Trends keep changing in the custom home design industry. You would not want to put yourself in a situation where you build a custom home with a particular design and find it to be out of trend and wanting to renovate the home with a new design after a few years. Such as thing can be time consuming and very expensive. It can lead to unnecessary stress. Hence, it is always better to invest in timeless designs for a custom home. That way, you would not have to change the design for many years to come. Your house would always look fresh and appealing.

Usage of white subway tiles is one of the timeless design techniques you can incorporate. You can pair white subway tiles with other combinations particularly in the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Usage of freestanding tub in the bathroom is another great timeless design idea. This will never go out of fashion. These tubs come in variety of shapes and sizes.

Likewise, usage of natural light as a part of your home design is always great. It is healthy as well.

Important features of a Good Custom Home


A good custom home builder should have adequate experience building many different kinds of custom luxury homes. The homes should be unique and should stand out from other houses in the locality. A good builder should have all the insights about the varied tastes of different homeowners and should be able to cater to all kinds of requests. 

Below are some of the important features of a custom home built by a good builder.

The custom home should not just be good appearance-wise. It should also be good functionality wise. Every custom home should have a modular kitchen which is properly equipped with all of the necessary appliances. It is also good to have an additional outdoor kitchen if there is enough space.

Along with the outdoor kitchen, there should be a reasonably large outdoor area which includes a play area for kids, swimming pool, garden etc.

With the current covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal especially for those in the IT industry. So, it is important to have a separate home office in the new custom home.


Custom Home Building and the Choices Related to it

It is important to gather all of the required information before starting a custom home project. You should browse through websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for ideas. You need to get the look and feel of your new home right before going to the builder for the actual construction. You can use a home designer if needed.

Once you have a list of choices, you should then start narrowing them down based on a variety of factors. Your architect and the builder would fill you in on the details regarding the factors which would help you filter down the list of choices.

When you hire a custom home designer, you should hire a real expert. He should know what he is doing. Custom home designing is an art which requires immense skill and experience. Hence, you need to interview your prospective designer properly before hiring one. The same goes for hiring the builder. Of course, the builder’s job is not much of an art as that of a designer. But, when it comes to custom home building, everything becomes an art.

Placement of Windows in your New Custom Home

If you want the atmosphere in your new custom home to be great, you need to make sure that adequate natural light is circulating throughout your house during the day time. In order to achieve that, you need to pay a lot of attention to the number of windows and the placement of windows in the house. Placement of windows is important not only for making sure that enough natural light is able to enter the house, it is also important to make sure that the views from inside the house are great.

There is this concept called windows treatments which can help in controlling the amount of natural light entering into the house. Whether you want more light or less light, you can plan accordingly and get window treatment done.

The design and the placement of windows would also vary from one room to another. For instance, the bathrooms may need a different kind of a design while the kitchen would need a completely different kind of window placements and design and it would also vary for the bedrooms.

Some Tips on Hiring a Custom Home Builder


If you are looking to build a new custom home, it is recommended that you research different custom home builders. You can begin by talking to people and getting their opinion on who the best builder is. Come what may, you should go for an experienced builder. Don’t make the mistake of going for an amateur builder when building a custom home.

Experience is an important factor during a custom home project. When I say experience, I am not talking about the experience of the builder, I am talking about the experience that the client goes through while working with the builder. You should have a seamless experience while working with the builder on the construction of the home. At the end of the project, you may have a beautiful custom home, but if your experience with the builder was not good, you may not go back to the builder for anything. When you look back at how the whole thing unfolded, you may not cherish it. Hence, you need to be a little careful while hiring a custom home builder.

Architectural Design Phase of a Custom Home Project


The architectural design phase is the most important phase of a custom home construction project. It is the starter phase of the project. You will hire a good architect and start working on the design of the custom home. Some people make the mistake of not hiring the builder along with the architect. It is highly recommended to hire the custom home builder as well during the architectural design phase of the project.

The collaboration of the builder with the architect is very important. In fact, the builder should also work very closely and should be in sync with the interior designer as well. While the architect is designing the plan, the builder should also prepare the timeline and the schedule for the construction of the custom home based on the plan. The builder should also participate in the design process and provide inputs and ideas to the architect.

As the design is getting ready, the builder should also start working on the cost estimates and keep informing the client so that he can take a call. Such an approach keeps the whole project proceeding in a streamlined manner.

Merlin and its Custom Home Design Process

If you hire a custom home builder like Merlin in Las Vegas, you would find out that they place more emphasis on the design of the home. Once the designs are perfect, they would then begin the construction phase. The client needs to provide the written consent to them saying that they are happy with the design and the construction can be started. Only then will they begin the construction. They are not like other builders who take decisions without the consent of the clients.

Merlin has in-house designers who work closely with the client during the home design phase. They provide multiple design ideas to the client and brainstorm with them. They offer the right suggestions and recommendations to the client so as to not confuse the client. After all, information overload can be a hassle during the home design phase.

If you have your own designer whom you like to work on the project, Merlin allows that too. They are the most flexible custom home builders in the whole state of Nevada. They adapt their working style according to your requirements and deliver the best. 

Importance of Plan for a Custom Home

Starting the construction of a custom home without a proper plan is a recipe for disaster. Even working on a straightforward production home without a plan is very difficult. It is next to impossible in case of a custom home. Some amateurs builders would try to persuade you to start a custom home project without a plan. You need to avoid such builders and only hire professional builders such as Merlin custom home builders who would not work on any project without a plan.

Some builders would themselves help in the creation of design plan for the home. But, it is always advised to use a professional home designer to create the plan for a custom home. You can ask for recommendations from the builder on a good home designer. Some building firms would have their own in-house designer. If not, you can check with your friends and colleagues. You can always look for home designers online. There are many websites dedicated to home designers nowadays. You can go through those websites looking for the ideal custom home designer to create the plan for your project. 

Basics of Building a Custom Luxury Home

When you are thinking about getting a custom luxury home built, you first need to dream about your home. A custom home is supposed to be unique. It is supposed to be a dream home not just for you, but for your entire family. So, you need to ask your family members as well to dream about the home. After that, you need to discuss with your family members and write down all the ideas that they have dreamt about.

Once you have all the ideas for the custom luxury home ready, you need to meet up with your favorite home designer. It is better to consult a designer who specializes in custom homes. The designer should not just be an interior designer. He should be able to design the entire home including the outdoor area.
Once you have the design figured out with the designer, you should then talk to a specialized custom home builder. It is not such a bad idea to involve the builder in the designing process itself. Once the builder has approved the design, you can get started with the building process.